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Product Comparison

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Enviro-Log Sawdust & Wax-Based Firelogs Firewood
Composition 100% Waxed Old Corrugated Cardboard boxes used for fresh vegetables. Sawdust and petroleum waste wax, chemicals for colored flames, seeds for crackling. Soft and hard woods.
Emissions 30-40% lower particulate matter emissions than firewood. Better particulate matter emissions than firewood. Poor: Highest levels of particulate matter emissions.
Wood Stove Yes :: burns hotter and cleaner than firewood. Not recommended for use in wood stoves. Yes
Burn More Than One Yes :: use as a substitute for wood or add to enhance a wood fire. No :: Use only one at a time. Yes
Cooking Yes :: Like firewood, food can pick up some of the flavor of the fire. Never Yes :: but resins in the wood can affect taste.
Chiminea Yes :: perfect for outdoor activities. Not recommended but some offer a high quality wax firelog. Yes :: can be smoky if wood is wet.
Storage Can be stored and burned in all weather conditions. Can melt or drip under warm conditions. All weather conditions, but difficult to light wet.
Burn Time Up to 3 hours or more (5 pound firelog). 2 hours for 3 pound firelog, 3 hours for 5 pound firelog. 1.5 to 3 hours per average firewood bundle
Special Grate No Recommended by some manufacturers No
Scent Low odor less smoke than firewood. Distinctive odor - oily Smoky - varies greatly with moisture.
Sparks No (in normal use) :: may spark while stirring. Yes :: can spark with crackle type logs. Yes :: can be severe.
Poke or Stir Yes :: treat just like real wood. No :: melts, drips, and goes soft like candle wax in warm environments. Yes :: Increases sparking
Starter Material None required lights directly with match. Yes :: Must use wrapper or starter. Yes :: will vary with moisture of wood.